Yes James! I Want This.
Here's what I'm doing:
1. I'm leaving a $250 deposit and applying to speak with James about my current online revenue strategy.
- I will schedule my call with James and he will personally contact me via phone at the time I choose.

- James and I will mutually determine if this is right for me. If so, we will layout an immediate online revenue strategy and plan to bring in a windfall of cash for me.

- If James and I decide we're not a good “fit” - no harm, no foul. If I feel James has wasted my time, he will give me $500 back in total because he's the real deal and always keeps his word.

- If James and I decide we are a good fit, I will become a client. I understand that the dues start at $2,500 per month.

- As a client, James will personally help me implement a profitable online revenue campaign that generates long term predictable income.

- I understand I'll be speaking with James 1 hour every week to brainstorm and implement optimization strategies for my campaigns.

- The SOLE PURPOSE of this relationship is for me to make more money in my business while delivering even greater value to my marketplace and having lots of fun in the process.

- If, at any time, I want to leave the relationship, I can - and I will never be billed again.

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